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Synergy effects between digital channels

Synergy effects between digital channels


Matsmart is a young company that contributes to conscious and environmental handling of food waste in today’s society. By purchasing excess goods from suppliers, Matsmart is able to sell food products online with up to 90% price reduction.

Precis Digital was hired with the purpose of generating sustainable and profitable growth by increasing brand awareness and traffic to the webshop.


Precis Digital began managing Matsmart’s digital marketing in December 2014, and today the digital channels represent 38% of the company’s total revenue. Moreover, profitability has been sustained and is today 57% better than the initially set profitability target. An additional growth factor has been the granularly targeted campaigns on Facebook that together with AdWords have resulted in great synergy effects. Since Precis Digital took over advertising on Facebook, revenue from this channel grew by 745% while maintaining profitability.


  • A crucial part of finding new growth potential has been delivering a precise search term analysis, which set the foundation for the granular campaign structure.
    Precis Digital has thereafter continuously expanded the keyword base for increased reach.
  • Proactive use of new campaign types and advanced bidding methods have been applied to assure customized communication towards users, depending on which part of the buying process they are in.
  • An active expansion to new digital channels has increased reach additionally, and generated new growth opportunities.
  • Smart application of retargeting has produced higher profitability and efficient persuasion of new customers.
of organization’s total revenue
higher profitability
revenue from Facebook

Ulf Skagerström, Co-founder & Partner, Matsmart Scandinavia AB

We had heard good things about Precis Digital, which is why we had very high expectations for our collaboration. Expectations that were surpassed again and again; we are very impressed. Skilled, fast, proactive and furthermore d*mn nice people - we like!


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